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Reservations, Wait list, Cancellations & No-shows

  • While walk-ins are welcome, class sizes are limited and are often sold out. We highly recommend reserving classes online in order to guarantee your spot in class. You may reserve as many classes online as you like. However, please note that you must purchase a class or class package for all classes that you wish to reserve.
  • Classes fill up quickly, but spaces will open up as clients reschedule. If you’d like to attend a class that is full, please put yourself on the wait list. If you are on the wait list, assume that you will get a spot in class. As soon as a spot opens up in class, you will receive an email notification up until 8 hours before class is scheduled to begin. Being moved off the wait list into class means you are IN CLASS and therefore you are responsible for canceling your spot if you choose not to attend. If you get into class from the wait list and do not show up for class and have not canceled your reservation within the early cancellation window (8hours), a class/day will be taken off your package, if you are on a Class Pack or a DEAL. If you are on Monthly Unlimited Membership and you do not cancel your scheduled class(s) then your online scheduling privileges may be revoked. All Late Cancellations or absent classes will result to in a $15 Cancellation fee. 
  • If you get into class from the wait list and are already scheduled for another class that day, you will need to cancel your reservation for your other class on line; if you do not cancel, you will lose an additional day/class from your package.
  • Our cancellation policy is 8 HOURS. This will give you up until 8 HOURS before the class starts to early cancel and not be charged. Please make a conscientious effort to cancel yourself if you do not think you will be able to make it, as this will also allow for another person who is on the wait list to get into class.
  • If you cannot attend class, cancel your class online or use our Mobil App. Calling the studio should be your last option as we are often in the studio and not available to pick up your call.
  • If you are using a class package or DEAL, a no-show results in a loss of that class. If you are a Monthly Unlimited Member your online scheduling privileges may be revoked if we find that you consistently book a class and do not show. All Late Cancellations or absent classes will result to in a $15 Cancellation fee and loss of a class.
  •  Reservations will be honored only up until the start of class. If you do not arrive prior to the start of class, your reservation will be given away to a standby client .