UsingBreathwork - Meditation- Yoga Flow- Sound Journeyby Scott Bailey
HSY COLTS NECK Sunday , January 19th at 3:30 pm $25 pp
We start the 2020 decade at HSY by connecting with the primordial elements :EARTH elementResponsible for generating feelings of safety around money , family , career and providing more grounding and focus in your daily life ;WATER elementLeading to more fluidity in understanding, openness and creativity finding wiser solutions
FIRE elementIgniting the personal power helping you to push thru challenges and achieve your highest potential
These are the base and the starting point in your journey finding Samadhi ...
Scott will start the workshop by balancing your root chakra through a grounding walking meditation and also offering you a handout chakra chart where you will pick a root chakra affirmation
Next you will unlock the second chakra which holds the key to harnessing the energy you need to be innovative and to make changes. Spark creativity with the Sacral Flow and add a new affirmation for the sacral chakra.Finally, focus on the solar plexus and ignite the inner Fire with a two-minute practice of Breath of Fire, which is powered from Diaphragm and involves rapid and rhythmic inhalations and exhalations. Release toxins , strengthen the nervous system and purify the blood among other benefits .
We wrap the evening with asound journey to put it all together and elevate our consciousness and yogi vibrations and allowing total body and mind restoration.

Valentine's Partner Yoga


Move through this partner sequence and experience a deep stretch in your muscles and deepen the connection with your loved one as well.

In partner yoga we connect with each other in fun ways, we stretch farther than usual with our partners help and balance in ways we could not by ourselves. When you feel physically supported, not only do you experience a yoga posture differently but you also begin to allow yourself to trust someone else.

This fun Valentine's class can be a romantic experience or simply a way for family and friends to connect and make yoga more fun!

Sunday February 9th

1 - 2:30pm

Colts Neck Studio

$40 per couple


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valYINtines Workshop with Danica


Yin Yoga offers space, stillness and release. This very special class will be dedicated to self love with a heart centered meditation, a combination of still poses focusing on heart space & hips. ending in an extended crystal bowl yoga nidra shavasana.

Sunday February 16th, 2020

Middletown Studio

11:00am - 12:30 pm

$25 for workshop and a special gift made with love

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Serenity & History Immersion Yoga Retreat


Picture ditching all daily routines as you get transported to a breathtaking ancestral European site -  Portugal  

For seven days you will indulge in deep relaxation and rejuvenation at a world class spa hotel as you kick up a notch your yoga practice.  

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The Yoga Healing Circle for Those coping with Cancer. 

We sit in a circle ⭕️ and start by introducing ourselves ( who’s in the room ) “I am SCOTT Hsy teacher & cancer survivor” ( 5 m tells his story )  

Gentle Movement , breath work & sound meditation for those coping with Cancer. Build a gentle Yoga practice to lighten the spiritual -emotional-body wakening effects of cancer treatments. Learn holistic self care tools to accelerate and add to recovery. Join a circle of like minded individuals and get the extra support and understanding outside family and friends. $15 donation suggested. All proceeds donated to Breast Intentions of Middletown, NJ 

Wear comfortable clothing and come with mat and water.

When: Tuesdays 1:00-2:00PM

Where: HSY CN Walk in's WELCOME!!!

Full Moon Kundalini & Gongs!


Kundalini yoga is an ancient and once secret practice that uses breath work, asana, and deep meditation. This alchemical process not only aids in optimal physical health, but helps release "Kundalini Shakti" our divine spiritual power. In this 6 class series we will use lunar energy to track our growth, and harness its power to help us lead more balanced lives.Dates would be as follows for Full Moons Fridays: November 15, December 13, January 10, February 7, March 6th and April  10  Feel free to bring pen and paper for note taking. Special gong meditation will be offered by Scott Bailey during the Kundalini  Full Moon Series. When: November 15thTime: 7:00-8:00 PM Where: Hot & Soul Yoga Colts Neck  

$18 for Single Class$90 for 6 Class Pack