Ginna’s passion for fitness was unveiled when her Aunt gave her the gift of personal training over twenty years ago. After many years of training and mentoring by her Aunt, Ginna wanted to share this gift with others. In 2002 Ginna was recognized by The International Sports Science Association as Certified Fitness Trainer.

The passion was further fueled when Ginna was introduced to Bikram Yoga in 2003. As she became more dedicated to her yoga practices and saw the positive attributes Yoga had to offer her life, the more she became interested in teaching and sharing her experience with others. Ginna completed 200 hours of Hot Yoga Teacher Training, with recognition from the National Yoga Alliance as well as Yoga Works Bar Works Teacher Training Certification.  With her love of Fitness and Yoga comes an enthusiasm for Holistic Healing and Nutrition. Ginna is well studied in the area of Healing and Nutrition and hopes to fulfill her goal of Certified Nutritional Consultant.

Ginna’s dedication to her own personal goals of fitness, yoga and nutrition allow her to share the mind-body connection with her students. Ginna resides in Holmdel with her husband and daughter.

Virginia Lennon was a scholastic basketball, softball player and runner who has always had a passion for sports.  Multiple knee surgeries prohibited her further pursuit of running, but opened up the world of yoga to her several years ago. She quickly became involved in various methods and has completed the Baptiste Yoga Level 1 Teacher Trainer and more recently, expanded her knowledge by completing a 500 hour teacher training program based on the Yogaworks philosophy.  Virginia continues to explore the various styles of yoga, has attended workshops with Bikram Choudhury, Jimmy Barkan, David Swenson, Carrie Owerko, to name a few.

Additionally, Virginia leads a fun practice for students with developmental challenges in helping to nurture their strengths and to find that quiet, still place.  She is thrilled that she can pursue her physical and mental goals without further discomfort and damage to her knee.  “Learning to cultivate an awareness of the constant changes in the body and mind, and assessing and accepting these changes on any given day, are skills that we learn from yoga”.  Virginia lives in Middletown, NJ with her husband of 22 years and their two daughters.

As a young girl, Amy Budinich would spend hours trying to do a cartwheel. This skill was very important to a teenage girl but no matter how she put her mind to it her body seemed to go in a different direction. Her unformed cartwheel and a few other interesting disconnects unknowingly sparked Amys path to explore the mind body connection. In her teenage years, Amy’s journeys took her back packing to Europe. From dipping herself in the aquatic healing waters in Baden, Germany to viewing Europe’s great art masters, her life experiences ignited a passion and spirit that shows in her practice today.

Amy’s passion to understanding many different cultures and human expression led her to discover various art, music, history and humanity in all its form…. including visiting the scene of war torn cities and the art of children from concentration camps.

It is these lessons that transformed her sense of curiosity onto a path of personal expression and purpose. In late 1999, While visiting California, Amy took her first yoga class at the Esalan Institute. After moving to Los Angeles in 2003 she entered her first Bikram Yoga class (Hot 26) and embarked on her path to become a student of the principals and postures of yoga. During this transformation, Amy discovered a new way to help people. Amy connects with people almost instantly, and possesses a unique talent to share the appropriate amount of knowledge and wisdom without making the person feel intimidated. Amy listens as much as she talks (she is still working on that!) Amy has began teaching yoga in February 2011. Amy has completed Baron Baptiste Level 1 Bootcamp Teacher Training in March 2012. Power Yoga has opened Amy up to the possibilities both in life and teaching. This training has grounded Amy as student first then teacher. She believes the practice of yoga begins as a physical quest and then transforms into and search for self realization. Enabling your mind, body and spirit to become connected and igniting an inner voice inside your soul. Amy cannot put into words her gratitude towards yoga, and what teaching has brought to her life. Every class, every posture opens a new life lesson. When not in the yoga studio Amy enjoys long walks on the beach (lol no but seriously!), reading and studying yoga philosophy and nutrition, stocking shelves at your local Trader Joe’s, and enjoying nature.

“Posture is mastered by relaxation of effort and meditation on the unlimited.”
– Yoga Sutra 2.47

Alice P. Nelson, Bikram and Kripalu certified in Yoga and AFFA certified in fitness. Has been teaching group fitness classes for over 20 years and loves teaching Bikram yoga, aka, hot 26 the best. It provides everything the body, mind and spirit needs to stay flexible in body and mind. Come and try it and see for yourself.

Michele Egloff-Grossman – passionate and enthusiastic Yoga Teacher. Having always been interested in fitness and wellness it was destiny that brought yoga into her life. On a journey seeking the perfect work out that would challenge her body 100% she found herself in a hot yoga class that instantly changed her life through the awareness of body and mind.

Focusing on her own personal practice for six years and realizing all of the amazing positive changes that yoga had brought to her own life, she decided to make a change. Wanting to return this gift to others by teaching the art of yoga and expressing the positive benefits to help others find their inner self and awareness that she had experienced herself, she went to a 200 Hour Teacher Training at The Center for Health and Healing. Continuing with her growth and training she has since taken many Posture and Aromatherapy workshops as well as attending Jimmy Barkan’s Hot Yoga Training in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Michele welcomes the opportunity to learn from each and every class and person see meets on her continuing journey of enlightenment and self realization and hopes that someday you also will have that experience. Namaste

Eileen Natale is a 500 RYT Yoga Teacher. Eileen is trained in the YogaWorks method, which combines the Iyengar and Ashtanga methods with a focus on alignment and safety. Although Eileen enjoys many forms of yoga, she is passionate about the Hot 26 series. She has practiced locally for years and regularly visits Bikram Studios in New York City.

Eileen attends workshops regularly to increase her knowledge and enjoyment of yoga. Workshop topics include Bikram Yoga with Rajashree Choudhury, Arm Balances with Carrie Owerko, Inversions, Backbends, Hip Openers, Yoga Massage, Yoga for Back Pain, Ayurveda and Meditation. Eileen also visits YogaWorks and the Iyengar Institute in New York to refocus on Alignment.

Eileen has been teaching locally since 2011.

Ashley Zaccaro

Ashley Zaccaro stumbled upon her first yoga class while training for the New Jersey Marathon, and she was hooked immediately. She believes whole-heartedly in using her time on this Earth to do things that bring her and those around her peace, happiness, and satisfaction. She has found joy in the practice of yoga; her goal now is to pass that joy to all of her fellow yogis, one headstand at a time. She went on her adventure to become a certified yoga teacher, surrounded by the breathtaking landscape that is Hawaii, in February 2013, where she graduated from Maui Hot Yoga 200 Hr Teacher Training.


Noelle Iturbe is a Graduate of Clemson University and was a Scholarship Athlete of the Cross Country and Track Team. After college I continued my interest in Fitness by Personal Training. I Lived in Spain for twelve years while my husband played Professional Basketball, I took this time to raise my three children. Shortly, after moving back to my nearby hometown of Westfield, NJ, I continued to pursue my passion for teaching exercise to others. I fell upon Pilates as a course of rehab due to a running injury. Experiencing the Mind Body connection for the first time was truly amazing. Turning the switch from always running was a breath of fresh air. I felt a sense of vitality, balance & core strength by practicing The Method. As my passion grew for Pilates, I knew I wanted to share my experience with others. I pursued my dreams of a Certification through Physical Mind Institute in NYC. I also have Certifications in TRX, Spinning, Barre & CPR/AED

Tanya Williams has been teaching yoga and serving her local community for the past seven years. She is trained in the Bikram Yoga advanced series and achieved both 200 and 500 hour teacher trainings with the highly respected Sri Dharma Mittra in New York City. She is a Certified Dharma Yoga teacher in levels I, II, and III. For over a decade, Tanya has been studying the comprehensive and meditative path of Yoga (Raja) with Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee, an English mystic and Sufi lineage teacher. Tanya is a committed student to the subtle teachings and philosophy of yoga and believes these aspects are of equal importance to the development of a strong asana practice. Contemplative by nature, Tanya is known by her students for continued patience, respect and dedication.


Michelle Nicosia is a 200 hour registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance. She was trained with an intensity in Hot Yoga as well as Vinyasa Flow.
Michelle graduated from Mason Gross School of the Arts with a BFA in Dance in 2004. During her years of school she was introduced to yoga and felt a strong connection to it but it wasn’t until after she had her children that she began a strong practice in 2011.

Michelle is extremely happy to have found a new passion and is so excited to share and help others through their journeys, as well as continue her own as a yoga teacher.

Danica Williams – Growing up, Danica was a softball and field hockey player, she rollerbladed every day and worked out at the gym but it wasn’t until her late teens did she find herself in her first yoga class. She was instantly hooked. Danica’s practice has evolved over the years, as she becomes more passionate about yoga beyond her asana practice and delves deeper into pranayama, meditation, and developing her understanding of Sanskrit. Her preferred personal practice is dharma and yin styles of yoga.

Danica has her Masters in Social Work from Rutgers University with post graduate studies in Behavior Analysis. She currently supports individuals with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities in reaching their full potential while being integrated into the community.

In 2012, Danica joined Hot and Soul Yoga as a Karma Yogi. Ginna was relentless in encouraging her to become an instructor, and in 2014, she became a Barre Works certified instructor through YogaWorks in Soho. In February 2016, she began her 200 hour YTT journey at Ohana Rising Yoga School under Lisa Brodrick and Stephen Triolo.

Danica lives in Asbury Park with her two famously handsome pit bulls, Moose and Patron. In her free time, she loves staying active by going hiking, spending time at the beach, volunteering with pit bull rescue groups, brunching with friends and cuddling with her dogs.

Danica’s warm, inviting presence makes her instantly relatable. While her sass and wicked sense of humor is what keeps her barre classes fun, she prefers to guide students through a slow flow or yin style of asana that encourages one to close the eyes, observe the body and mind, and to move instinctually and organically while focusing on the breath. Danica’s passion for sharing yoga comes from over a dozen of years of practice that has increased her compassion (for self and others), patience (to trust the process of life) and acceptance (to allow herself to constantly evolve, accepting what is to come). Her classes hold space for you to slow down and journey within, at your own pace and in your own time, using pranayama and meditation.

Jillian Schulz – My yoga journey began years back when I was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune illnesses. Struggling with pain in everyday tasks as simple as sitting in a chair through my classes at Rutgers University, I realized I needed to approach my life differently. Through my adversity, I found yoga. My quest for knowledge and strong desire to give back helping others through yoga has become my passion. I owe thanks, and gratitude to my supportive teacher and mentors at EvenFlow Studio, Red Bank, where my journey continued and my knowledge deepened through the 200 hour level Yoga Alliance Teacher Training. I completed continuing education training on the 300 level with additional 27 hours from Studio Bamboo, Virginia Beach in Rewire Chronic Pain with Yoga, Certified in Understanding Bodies, Yoga As Medicine through The Simply Yoga Institute, and Yoga for Cancer Patients through Sloan Kettering. I look forward to meeting you at one of my classes. Please drop by and introduce yourself to me!”Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits.” Jillian Schulz Instagram: Warrior_yoga

Maria Doucette – Almost a half decade of practicing yoga, Maria has found a connection to her practice that goes beyond the physical form. It’s become one of her “tools” in helping her cope and confront her daily life with mental illness and a recovering addict. She’s a strong advocate for bringing more awareness to mental illness and addiction recovery. Maria wants to give back to others what yoga has bought into her own personal life. “I don’t see myself as a teacher but as a guide to everyone in their practice.” she’s certified as vinyasa teacher and is registered with Yoga Alliance. Maria also has a deep rooted passion in training in Muay Thai, also known as the “the eight limbs of martial arts”. Muay Thai & Yoga is a meditative practice for Maria. Yoga, martial arts and her career as an hair artist in the hair industry, all these are ways in allowing her to be creative, helping and guiding others feel and look beautiful. Inside and out