Benefits of Hot Yoga

Practicing any form of Yoga in a heated environment will assist the body with the elimination of toxins while allowing the practitioner to safely deepen into their asanas (poses or stretches). Hot Yoga benefits both the body and mind by means of meditation and discipline to achieve harmony and equanimity throughout the entire body and psyche. The deep, focused  inhalations performed while practicing Hot Yoga warms the body from the inside-out allowing the organs and nervous system to soften, this will lead to the elimination of  STRESS, ANXIETY and IMPURITIES from the body. As the body is eliminating,  it is also creating  healing while improving the function of the nervous system, allowing messages to be carried more rapidly to and from the Brain or Spinal Cord.

Reasons for the Heat

  •  enhances vasodilatation bringing increased oxygen to the muscles in aiding in the removal of waste products such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid
  • speeds up the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids
  • makes muscles more elastic and less susceptible to injury
  • improves coordination and balance
  • increases heart rate  creating cardiovascular endurance
  • burns fat more easily

Your Yoga Practice

  • Accept and love your body regardless of your yoga level and flexibility
  • Listen to your body and TRY the best that you can each day
  • Frequency is the secret to the success of your practice, your efforts will return to you many-fold
  • Create a non-competitive Yoga Practice, calming the mind, opening the heart and allowing the whole body to evolve.

Keys to Achieving higher goals of Yoga

  • Deep Breathing is the key to a longer life
  • Create a healthy spine
  • Create union of body, mind & spirit
  • Still the mind
  • Achieve Liberation
  • Relieve suffering of all kinds.